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Common Fire Escape Repairs

From nuts and bolts replacement and rust removal to priming and painting, there are many things you can do to spruce up your fire escape so it not only looks good but remains safe and functional. Regular fire escape inspections are imperative in order to catch issues early, make necessary repairs and ensure good working… Continue Reading →

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

Whether as part of new home construction, an addition, garage, or home improvement, your roof is an investment that must be taken seriously. Using strong, long-lasting materials will ensure a long lifespan for your roof, which is a last line of defense for your home or business. In today’s blog, we wanted to explore the… Continue Reading →

How Do I Find a Reliable General Contractor?

You just bought your dream home. CONGRATULATIONS! You have the perfect layout design of the house, you have everything you need and it’s in the right place, and you even have a sign on your wall saying Welcome Home. Despite this, after a few months of moving in, you noticed that something wasn’t quite right,… Continue Reading →

Home Improvement Tips -guideness -advice -information

Unlike us, most Construction companies will give you tips after you paid them thousands of dollars. They basically tell you not to ruin or damage something. “Don’t slam the doors. Don’t close the windows hard. Don’t do this, don’t do that.” Most of their tips are common sense. We are completely different. We give you… Continue Reading →

Fire Safety- It Starts from YOU!

How well is your home protected from fire? 12 Simple Steps to a Safer Home Is your home safe from fires? Do you know what to do if there is a fire in your home? Do you have smoke detectors? Are they working? When was the last time you replaced the batteries? Understandably, nothing is… Continue Reading →

You, Me and the Joneses

7 out of 10 Americans refuse to be culturally inferior to the Joneses. Which one are you? To all Americans out there and to all of those who read this Article, don’t feel shy to admit that you renovated your kitchen, or remodeled your bathroom or even you do thinks around your house because your… Continue Reading →

Pros of Remodeling your Kitchen

You are ready to give your Kitchen a new face but you are very concerned because in doing something, such as a home improvement projects, requires information. There are many people out there who are not certain what they should do, where to begin and if they should do it on their own. When it… Continue Reading →

How to Stop a Leaky Faucet -Fix Faucet

Water leaks will consume between 5 and 10 percent of all residential water consumption. Most of the leakage is due to worn out faucet washers and faulty toilet tank valves. One drop per second can waste seven gallons per day. A steady drip will waste 20 gallons per day. Faucet leaks are easy to repair…. Continue Reading →


1. Older homes don’t have all the amenities desired in a new home today. FALSE! Hundreds of older homes in Boston have been updated to include modern kitchens, baths, family rooms, master bedroom suites, and more. 2. It’s cost prohibitive to update an older home. It’s much less expensive to build new. FALSE! The cost… Continue Reading →