Window Repair Cost Estimator

Window Repair Prices, Cost Calculator, Estimator

The following window repair cost estimator is designed to give you and idea of the window repair cost. Starting and ending prices reflect to the state and city or town your property is in.

*Prices Include Installation and Parts

Spiral Balances Installed$42.00$70.00
Sideload Balances Installed$42.00$70.00
Pivot Shoes Installed$25.00$55.00
Window Adjustments$40.00$75.00
New Screen Installed standard sizes $65.00$95.00
New Screen Installed custom sizesStarting At $95.00
Screen replacement standard$65.00$95.00
Screen replacement pet scratch freeStarting At $70.00
Screen frame repair$60.00$90.00
Window Locks Installed$35.00$60.00
Tilt Latches Installed$25.00$50.00
Inner Tilt Latches Installed$40.00$65.00
Pivot Bars Installed (cost per set)$50.00$80.00
Insulated Glass Installed Starting At $95.00
Window Re-Caulking (Interior)$45.00$58.00
Window Re-Silicone (Exterior)$45.00$65.00
Window Re-Insulation Starting At $80.00
Window Shining Starting At $80.00
Window Capping (exterior) Starting At $75.00
Service Charge (Depending on the Distance)
Starting At $50.00$95.00
New Replacement Window CostStarting At $350.00