Basement Remodeling Trends For 2022

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If your family needs more space to spread out but you love your house and don’t want to move, the best option is to repurpose existing space. For instance, you can turn your basement into a usable living area, such as an entertainment room, movie theater, teen room or gym.

Realizing the potential of your lower level is just the first step. The next step is to partner with a Boston contractor you trust to finish your basement and extend your usable living space. This is the time to get creative. The sky’s the limit! Here are the top 2022 basement remodeling trends according to Design Tech Remodeling.

Open Concepts

You probably already know that the latest trend in home design is the open concept. But this doesn’t have to be reserved for the first floor of your home. You can take advantage of your basement’s already-expansive aspects and capitalize on that theme.

Stay away from creating a lot of barriers or walls, which will allow you to freely walk through a smooth-flowing layout without obstacles in your way. Ensure that each space opens freely onto the next, such as a family sitting area with TV and table that blends nicely into a game room with a pool table, offset by a quiet reading nook in the back corner.

This will help you maximize square footage, particularly useful in the case of small basements.

Extension of Your Home

Your basement should be an extension of the upstairs living area rather than a separate, defined space. Use the same flooring and color choices to make the flow from one floor to the other seamless. Keep the finishes, such as countertops, furniture, windows and paint colors the same in appearance and quality as your main living area.

Versatile Spaces

Your new basement can be used for virtually anything you want. You can create a quiet office down there where you can work from home, complete with state of the art office setup and comfortable furniture. You can even have a separate entrance where clients can visit you without having to go through the main home and disrupt the family.

If you have young children, convert the basement into a safe yet fun playroom. Add interlocking rubber mats on the floors, TVs on the walls, cubbies for dress-up, a little stage for performances, a reading area with bean bags and books, and more.

If you have elderly parents who need a place to stay when they come over, convert it into an in-law apartment with bedroom and living space.  

If you are a movie buff, create a move theater complete with popcorn machine where you and the family can enjoy the latest blockbusters.

If you love to watch football and love to entertain, turn the basement into a game room. Add a few TVs, a bar, cozy lounge, and sports-theme décor and lighting.

Home Gym 

If you want to stay in shape but don’t always have the time to get to the gym, convert your basement into a home gym. Add mirrors along one wall, rubber flooring, bench press, exercise machines, yoga corner, and even a shower or sauna area. 

Guest Suite

If you have family members and friends who frequently stay the night, turn the basement into a guest suite. This way, they can have plenty of privacy and room to relax, with a bedroom, full bath, bar or kitchenette, and lounge area. You can even replace the bulkhead with a separate door so they can exit and enter as they please.

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