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Tired of having no place to put your car or store all your extra stuff? You may have realized now’s the time to add on a garage to your home. But where do you start? Adding a private parking space, or two or three, to your home starts with relying on a trusted contractor for the job. A D Construction is the one to call for garage additions in Boston and beyond.

Let me give you a few garage ideas and take you step by step with what’s involved when it comes to garage building.

First of all, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional to build your garage. You want someone experienced and skilled, with expertise in garage additions and general contracting. Depending on the size of the garage you add, you may increase your home equity value by more than 30 percent — a nice gain over your investment!

Garage building ideas

By building a garage, you expand your living space. A garage is a lot more than just creating a space for your vehicles. It’s about adding to your enjoyment and comfort of your home, as you add storage space and square footage. Your property value goes up, as does your ROI.

Because garage additions are complex projects, they require code and zoning compliance, no matter where you live in Boston. This is why you need pros like A D Construction, Inc. behind you. We know the ins and outs of building codes in your town, city and state.

Located in the South End of Boston, MA. Building garage additions in the Boston Metro area for over 33 years; South End, Back Bay, Cambridge, Brookline, Dorchester, Newton, Wellesley, Belmont, Milton and surrounding areas.

Attached Garage – Detached Garage Building

There are two types of garage projects:

  • An attached garage is just what it sounds: it’s attached to your home.
  • A detached garage is free standing and not attached to your home.

  • We can handle both here at A D Construction. Your budget and space constraints will largely dictate which type you choose. If you don’t have a budget by now, start preparing one as soon as you can so you can save time and money.

    Deciding which type of garage you want will affect your budget. If by now you don’t have a budget, start preparing one as soon as you finish reading this article. This is very important and will save you money.

    Garage building on a budget

    Ok, you have your garage building idea down. Now you need to have a realistic garage building budget and you should try to stick with it as much as possible. Many garage building projects on a budget sometimes require flexibility on ideas and constant adjustments from the homeowner and garage builder or contract. You may need to give up a few things in order to get closer to your budget tag. In many states, often enough, homeowners will not complete a few items of the project list in order to meet the garage building budget as long as they get to use the space until the completion of the project. A D Construction doesn’t recommend this because many times it voids the warranty, but it is another way to stay within the budget. However, your town code regulations may not allow it.

    Garage building design

    After you have come up with your garage addition idea and a budget to go with it, the next step is to design the project. Our builders can design the type of garage you want and will sit down to discuss your vision with you, whether you want a single garage, double garage, triple or larger. Consider whether you will build a second floor, or add a section within the garage area. contact us.

    This conversation will provide valuable ideas for your contractor. Garage design is fairly easy to envision at least for the exterior part, because it should match the look of your home. Once we view the type of home you own, we will then have a better picture of the exterior design of your new garage. Let’s bring your garage addition ideas to life!

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