5 Reasons to Finish Your Basement This Fall

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If you have an unfinished basement that gets no practical use other than as a catch-all for items you can’t fit in the rest of the house, it may be time to finish your basement – and fall is a great time to do that. By tackling this project in the fall, you can avoid the busy summer schedules of general contractors and you can be done just in time to enjoy it for the winter months. Plus, the weather is a lot cooler to be taking on a project of this scope.

Instead of a wasted space, you can utilize this area for just about anything – craft room, game room, bar area, man cave, dorm room for your college kid, or just an area to hang out in. Here’s why you should remodel your basement this fall. Be sure to hire a trusted Boston general contractor to get the job done right.

1.    Extra Space For Gathering During the Holidays

Overcrowding is a common issue encountered by countless homeowners around the holidays. If you’re tired of cramming everyone onto a couple of small rooms, you can remedy this problem by increasing your usable square footage with a finished basement. You can send all the kids down there, or if you have a bar area set up, all the adults can gather in that space while the kids play upstairs.

Your house was only meant to accommodate your immediate family, not a house full of guests. Everyone can enjoy more elbow room with an extra floor of the house to gather in.

2.    Basement Remodels are Cheaper in the Fall

In the fall, construction activity slows way down, leaving contractors scrambling for work in the cooler weather. You can take advantage of lower prices, plus you will have a wider schedule from which to choose.

3.     Your Home Value Will Increase

If you are thinking of selling your home over the winter or early spring, a finished basement installed now will add value to your property and appeal to a wider range of buyers. Don’t wait till it nears peak spring home sale season. Do it now so it’s done well head of when you have to put the for-sale sign up.  

4.     You Can Contain the Threat of Moisture

It’s wise to finish your basement after the rainy days of summer/early fall, yet well before melting ice occurs in winter. Why? This allows contractors a sufficient opportunity to dry, dehumidify and seal the area.

5.     You Can Tackle Related Projects at the Same Time

In addition to the actual basement remodel, you can do all the other tasks you’ve been meaning to, such as upgrade your electrical circuits, install sound-dampening walls (great for a music or hobby room), add in extra insulation and venting, or make other upgrades. Now that you’ll be spending more time indoors, you can take the time to evaluate your basement space and what exactly needs to be done.

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