Increase Your Commercial Property Value With These Renovations

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Who doesn’t want to increase their property value while adding comfort and convenience to the building? And if you’re a Bosotn property owner who’s looking to sell a commercial property soon, this poses even more benefit to you because you can lure more potential buyers with the upgrades. This can result in a higher offer, which puts more money in your pocket for your next venture.

With many ways to boost property value through commercial renovations in Boston, MA, we thought we would outline some of the top ones so you can enjoy the most bang for your buck.

1.    Energy Efficient Improvements

Today’s buyers are looking for energy efficient tax incentives when they buy a commercial property. Give them what they want through the addition and maintenance of mechanical systems that maximize efficiency while creating lower utility bills.

2.    Curb Appeal

Who says you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on renovations? Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh coat of exterior paint or a new sign outside to make a world of difference. Consider curb appeal projects such as a landscaping refresh or a resealed and striped parking lot.

3.    Contemporary Amenities

Optimize your return on investment (ROI) with the addition of some contemporary amenities. Perhaps you could convert an unused rooftop into an artfully-landscaped garden. In an urban office building, this could be a great place for lunch breaks, events, and even outdoor meetings. Or maybe you could add a fitness shop or coffee shop with creative baristas if you own an office in a busy complex.

4.    Dog Parks

When you consider that many commercial buildings offer on-site daycare centers for kids, it stands to reason that they should also offer doggy day cares too. Many people are pet owners and don’t feel comfortable leaving their dogs at home or in an expensive kennel. Why not add a dog park to your property with a staffed doggy day care? Your pet-loving clients, employees and tenants will thank you.

5.    Kitchens and Bathrooms

Modern updates to kitchens and bathrooms are among the most sought-after and valuable renovations for home owners. Same goes for commercial buildings. You may want to add nursing mothers’ rooms for convenience and privacy or upgrade your kitchen with more storage and cooking options for staff members.  

6.    Amenities

Tenants are usually willing to pay higher rents when amenities are incorporated that add value for clients and employees. These can include trash valet, laundry service, dry cleaning service, high-end vending machines with fresh and healthy choices, and covered parking.

7.    Unique Spaces

Think of spaces that not only provide visual interest, but also add fun or comfort to daily interactions. Perhaps this could involve the addition of a common or social area for your company to encourage creativity and productivity, or maybe the addition of smart lighting controls featuring voice-activated systems.

8.    Security

Every commercial property needs to be secure, for both peace of mind and protection of inventory and occupants. You may want to install a tall perimeter fence, security cameras, automatic gates, flood lights and motion sensor lights. This will help your employees or tenants feel more safe and secure.

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