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Convert your Garage to living space.
Garage conversion ideas.
Garage conversion on a budget.

Convert your Garage to a room or a living space

You and your finally decided -it’s time to convert your garage into a living space. But you don’t know where to start or what to do. One thing is certain, you need more space freedom, a larger home for your family with an extra bonus of living space, a room or a bedroom. Garge conversion is the answer.

Let us give you a few garage ideas and take you step by step to what’s involved when you convert a Garage.

All though garage conversions are complex yet rewarding projects, you need to take to consideration the design and the functionality of your new space. Because of that, we vastly advise hiring a professional to convert your garage according to your ideas and desires. With a professional the job will be done right and you can benefit this higher increase on your home equity. Depending on the extent of the project and the end result, you may increase your home equity to more than 40 percent gaining a solid return in your investment. This in most cases, depends on your geographical location. And is a greater return than a bathroom renovation or even a well thought out kitchen design.

Garage conversion ideas

When it comes to converting a garage, the opportunities and ideas can surpass our imagination. Our contractors and builders at A D Construction, which have over 30 years of experience came up with some ideas. We hope you enjoy them:

  • Convert garage to living space
  • Alter your Kitchen and expand your living
  • Convert garage to family room or a new home addition
  • Renovate your garage to an office
  • Transform to a study room
  • Change it into a workshop
  • Keep your garage and build a second floor
  • Convert it to a theater room
  • Change it to a living room
  • Renovate it to a sauna and an indoor pool
  • Turn your garage to a master suite with a master bathroom

As you can tell the opportunities are beyond imagination. It’s not only about car parking anymore. Most people take advantage of the space and end up benefiting more equity value. Adding a second floor can give you the opportunity to provide private living space for your child, guests or parent. You can convert the garage into that peaceful room needed for your work. Put some simple soundproofing and you can have a music studio, or a home theater. A sports bar is another good idea, maybe with a half bath.

Talking about baths, a master bath can be a great investment, you can skyrocket your home equity value to 50%. Do you want more? How about adding a deck. Your imagination can give you unlimited garage conversion ideas. Because garage conversions are complex projects, unfortunately for your imagination, some states, cities and towns may regulate how far your imagination can go. Make sure you check with the pros about the building code in your state. Or give us a call to schedule a free consultation and a free estimate

Garage conversion on a budget

Ok, you got your garage conversion idea down. Now you need to have a realistic garage conversion budget, and you should try to stick with it as much as possible. A garage conversion on a budget sometimes requires flexibility on ideas and constant adjustments. You may need to give up a few things in order to get closer to your budget tag. Often enough, homeowners will not complete a few items of the project list in order to meet the garage conversion budget as long as they get to use the space until the completion of the project. I don’t recommend this because many times it voids the warranty, but it is another way to stay within the budget. At the same time consider that some towns don’t allow it.

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