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Many people don’t realize that basements can often be inexpensively transformed into comfortable living areas. Some basements are large enough to fit an in-law apartment that can also be used as a suite. Maybe build a studio apartment, an in-home movie theater, or even your own little pub. You could convert this space into home office with a full-size bathroom, a kids’ playroom, an extra bedroom, a man cave, a craft room, or even a kitchen.

Finishing a basement and converting it to a living space will give you that extra living space you desperately seek. Your basement may provide more finishing options than you may think and should be finished in a manner that accommodates your needs and ideas. Our experienced contractors can help you realize your vision.

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Basement Finishing ideas

There are many ways you can transform your basement into functional use, such as:

In Law Apartment Conversion

An ideal size area for an in-law apartment basement conversion is 20’x40′. A dry basement with a walkout doorway makes a great in-law apartment, and is a perfect way to increase your living space and home equity value. The basement area provides nearby sources of plumbing and electrical, and the rough walls, ceilings and floor are already in place.

Two Basement Types

There are two types of basements that dictate the layout of basement remodeling designs. The first is a standard basement and the second one is a walk-out basement. Both types can be utilized to add to your living space. Often, we run into situations where the basement floor had to be dug deeper to get the proper height code requirement, or a stairway had to be built, or even a wall section had to be cut out to accommodate an egress requirement.

Keep in mind there are many factors to consider when you dig down in your basement, and without enough knowledge in basement renovations and digging, you should never attempt this on your own. You are better off letting the pros take care of this. We can assist you.

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Standard Basement

A basement that accommodates the height and access requirements may be the starting place of the new living space you have been searching for. Basement remodeling or basement finishing is a great way to put this underutilized space to better use. When it comes to basement finishing, most of the time, the rough walls, ceiling and floor are previously in place and the utility lines may literally be feet away. Basement room finishing is a good way to expand your indoor environment at an affordable price.

Walk-out Basement

Assuming that your basement is dry and was designed with a walkout doorway, a basement renovation can easily be done as part of an affordable investment. Because the space is already enclosed, much of the project can be undertaken fast and economically.

Basement finishing requires skills and building code knowledge. At A D Construction, we know all about basement remodeling and have the experience to assist you with your basement renovations, basement finishing designs and basement ideas.

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