Your Guide to Commercial Renovation

As a commercial property owner, you understand the importance of regular renovations and upgrades to keep your business running and increase your property value. Every few years, you should be remodeling or renovating your building to keep it fresh, new, well-maintained, and up to code.

We know: commercial remodeling is certainly a big undertaking and can be overwhelming when you don’t have the right guidance. You need a commercial renovation contractor in Boston on your side to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Commercial Remodeling: Defined

Commercial remodeling involves the modification and improvement of any type of commercial building, from renovating an outdated office space to updating a retail store exterior. They can be large or small in scope, as well as complex or simple in nature. 

This all starts when a property owner contacts a general commercial contractor in Boston, who then works with the owner to create a plan for the project. This should include specific details about the project itself, as well as a timeline and budget.

Once the plan has been finalized, the contractor will start the project, which can involve demolition, construction, and finishing/detail work. Commercial remodeling may take a few weeks up to many months to complete, depending on the scope of the project.

Why Engage in Commercial Remodeling?

As a commercial building owner, you may wonder what the benefits are to remodeling your property. Here are some of the top ones. 

Commercial remodeling…

Improves the Building’s Appearance

The most visible benefit to remodeling is that it can update and refresh the appearance of your building, making it more attractive to customers, tenants, visitors, and clients. By extension, commercial remodeling boosts the beauty of your property so that you can stay up to date on modern trends.

Increases the Building’s Functionality

Commercial remodeling improves how well your building functions and operates. New features can improve convenience for tenants or make the space more accessible. 

Increases Property Value

Commercial remodeling boosts the property value of your building so you can command a higher price for your rentals and leases. If you plan on selling the space in the near future, you can get a higher price for an updated, well-maintained commercial facility.

Saves Time and Money

Remodeling is a cost-effective way to make changes to your commercial building, making it cheaper and less time-consuming than it would be to build a whole new structure. This leads to less resources and faster time frame for completion. 

Improves Efficiency

Many remodeling projects involve changes to the layout of the building, which improves the efficiency of the space and allows you to make better use of the square footage.  

Improves Safety and Accessibility

Upgrades such as ramps, handrails, and wheelchair lifts ensure your building is more accessible to employees, clients, and customers with disabilities. 

Stages of Commercial Remodeling

The process will be different from one project and company to another, but the basic commercial remodeling stages are as follows:

  • Planning and design
  • Bidding
  • Material prep and engineering
  • Demolition
  • Construction of structural repair and rebuilding
  • Finishing touches
  • Clean-up
  • Project closure

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