Why Add a Front Porch to Your Boston Home?

A front porch offers many benefits to homeowners, from extra space to a boost in property value. These covered spaces allow you to enjoy the outdoors while being protected somewhat from the elements. Sit on your front porch while savoring your morning coffee or watching the kids play in the yard. Connecting with nature while being surrounded by comfortable amenities: this is what a front porch is all about.

If you’ve been considering a new front porch for your Boston home, keep reading for some helpful tips and information.

Perks of a Porch

A new front porch offers many advantages to today’s homeowners, such as:

  1. Enhanced curb appeal: Because a front porch acts as a predominant feature on the face of your home, you will put forth a better first impression from the street, to the delight of guests, passersby and neighbors.
  2. Increased property value: A beautiful new porch generates interest and drives buyer demand. Whether you plan to sell next season or put the home up for sale a few years from now, a porch made of composite materials can give you a higher closing price.
  3. More time spent outdoors: A new porch gives you the freedom to create the extra space you’ve been craving, with features like built-in seating and lighting. This custom outdoor covered area makes the ideal space for hosting gatherings or just relaxing with a book.
  4. Protection from the elements: Front porches offer protection from the weather so you don’t have to stand in the rain while trying to unlock your front door. Instead, you can use this space to get your bearings, get out your keys, and set your groceries down – all while being shielded from the snow, rain, sun and anything else Mother Nature decides to throw at you.

Why Should You Have an Updated Porch?

A new porch allows you to extend your square footage so you can have more space to relax, unwind, grill out, and entertain. Thus, a front porch remodel in Boston can drastically improve the enjoyment you derive from your home.

Think about these factors when considering adding a new front porch.  

1.     Safety

Has your existing porch started to show signs of wear? This can affect the safety and security of your family. Why? Rotted wood can have weak spots, compromising its structural integrity. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need a total replacement. But whether you need a repair or replacement, the safety of your family is of paramount concern.

2.     Resale Value

If and when your house hits the market, adding new updates like a front porch can command a higher asking price. A beautiful front porch draws in buyers as they imagine themselves relaxing and entertaining on that porch.

3.     First Impressions

Customizing your living spaces leaves a favorable impression on family and friends who visit. An outdated, creaky porch won’t be the welcoming gesture they have been expecting, and in fact it could pose a danger to them if they walk on it. A new porch  built in the latest durable materials, coupled with accents and lighting, can make all the difference when welcoming guests.

4.     Additional Space

A front porch remodel gives you more space to enjoy the things you like to do, from reading and eating to watching movies or just watching the traffic go by. Lounge, play games, cook, entertain: the possibilities are endless.

Contact AD Construction

As you can see, adding a front porch to your Boston area home brings great value – both in term of money and entertainment. We specialize in the construction of decks and porches, so contact us at 877-345-BUILD today to schedule your free quote and consultation.

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