5 Kitchen Design Trends That Never Go Out of Style

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There are some features of a kitchen that are timeless, from hardwood flooring to white cabinetry. When designing and renovating your kitchen, sure, you may want to incorporate a few trendy styles that make your life easier, such as updated stainless steel appliances. But if you are going for long-lasting appeal, consider these five kitchen design trends that will never go out of style, stretching your dollar even further.

1.     Marble Countertops

Marble is a classic material that has appealed to homeowners for decades. Indeed, it’s been a coveted building material for centuries, often symbolizing wealth, prestige and elegance. The ancient Greeks and Romans revered marble for their interiors and exteriors, columns, buildings, art and sculptures. Marble stands the test of time, plus it looks beautiful – two great reasons why you should incorporate marble countertops into your kitchen design. Their unique slabs, heat resistance, beauty, durability and easy maintenance make them a sought-after addition to any kitchen or even bath.

2.     Hardwood Floors

A true classic, hardwood flooring is a great addition to any room of your house. While you may have considered it for your living room and dining room, why not consider it for your kitchen as well? This is ideal, especially if you have an open concept with rooms that flow into each other. Old-growth hardwood floor kitchens have been adorning homes since Colonial-era homes. It wasn’t till the late 1800s that polished hardwood floors became mainstream in this country, says This Old House.

Now, the material itself may be timeless, but colors come and go. Right now, gray hardwood is all the rage, while light oak or cherry remain classic choices. Another trend in kitchens is tile that mimics the look of hardwood, which is a more affordable approach if you have to cut corners.

3.     White Cabinetry

White kitchen cabinets are a tradition dating back to New England and Cape Cod. They are certainly popular in coastal cottages and beach houses, but they’re also popular in today’s kitchens no matter what style of home you have or where you are located. They work equally well with traditional or contemporary designs, backed by more than a century of popularity.

4.      Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker cabinet doors are flat paneled cabinet styles that hark back to the Shaker communities of the early 1800s. Shaker design is rooted in utility and simplicity; it’s a minimalistic style that lends itself to true design genius because it can complement any element. There’s a reason why stile-and-rail cabinet doors with dovetail drawers have remained at the forefront of kitchen design for hundreds of years. It’s simple, functional and easy to maintain.

5.    Statement Tile

Graphic tiles that have been fashioned from porcelain, ceramic or cement bring bold patterns to any kitchen, says Better Homes and Gardens. This style stretches back centuries, a clear indication that this isn’t just another passing trend. Show off your personal style with elements of statement-making tile which provides a conversation starter as well as a high-impact focal point.

When considering renovating your kitchen, be creative in mixing timeless elements with high-end functionality to result in a kitchen with classic style , ingenuity and comfort.

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