How to Incorporate Energy Efficient Home Office Designs

Energy efficiency is front of mind for today’s home and business owners. Whether you already have a home office in Boston or you want to create one, it’s important to incorporate energy efficiency into the design so as to reduce your utility bills. You can put the money you save towards capital improvements and growing your business.

In general, you will get the highest return on investment from high-impact yet low-cost renovations like weather stripping, exterior door replacement and energy efficient appliances.

Check out these energy efficient home office design ideas, which can come to life with the help of our green builders in Boston.

1.  Replace Light Bulbs

This one’s easy and affordable. You just have to replace the light bulbs, not the whole fixture.  Installing LED bulbs can save you up to $225 a year, according to That’s good news, since lighting accounts for 15 percent of your home’s electricity use.

2.  Install New Doors and Windows

Old doors and windows are drafty, losing a lot of heat and cold air through gaps and cracks. Putting in energy-efficient models instead can reduce energy usage by 12 percent per year.

3.     Install Occupancy Sensors

If your home office accommodates a few different rooms and colleagues, light usage can really cut into your budget. Install occupancy sensors that turn the lights on and off when someone enters or leaves the room. This way, no one is absentmindedly leaving lights on when they shouldn’t.

4.     Use Natural Lighting

Artificial lighting is a big contributor to energy costs, but if you take advantage of natural lighting as much as possible, you’re enjoying its FREE effects, courtesy of Mother Nature. Of course, you will still have to rely on artificial lighting but you can cut that reliance by quite a bit when using natural light to your advantage.

5.  Install Energy-Efficient Appliances

Whether the appliances in your home kitchen are old or you have a small kitchenette attached to your home office with old appliances, this is a good time to replace them with energy-efficient models. From fridges to microwaves, purchase ENERGY STAR products that can save you hundreds a year.

6.  Upgrade Thermostat

Older thermostats are not only more difficult to regulate, they’re inefficient and inconvenient. Plus, you don’t get as many programming options as you do with smart thermostats. When you install smart thermostats in your home office, you are able to remotely control the temperature. 

7.     Get a Cool Roof

With dark rooftops getting as hot as 150 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, it’s important to offset this heat gain by installing a cool roof. When the sun heats the upper floors of your home office, your HVAC system has to work harder than it should to maintain comfort. This adds wear and tear to your unit and increases utility bills. Paint your roof white, and your roof will be 50-degrees cooler on a hot summer day.

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