Best Places in the Home to Add a Bathroom

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Is your family growing? The first sign that your kids are getting older or that visitors are turning into long-term guests is the fact that there never seems to be enough bathroom space in the house.

Whether your kids are growing into privacy-seeking teens or your in-laws are moving in, adding a bathroom adds value and convenience to the whole family. But even though you may know you need an extra bathroom, where can you put it? You may not have the budget for a full addition or the space for a full bath.

That’s when you can consider making use of the room in the house that you already have. Your bathroom remodeling contractor in Boston will probably agree that you can squeeze a second bathroom into virtually any area provided you can get the plumbing to fit.

Consider these guidelines:

  • You can put a sink and toilet into an area that measures 3’x5’.
  • You can add a shower in a space that’s 3’x8’ feet.
  • If you have 25 square feet, you can fit a complete shower bathroom.

All of this can be done on a budget without incurring astronomical costs. Here are some ideas of where you can add an extra bathroom in your home.

1.  First-Floor Laundry

If you already have a dedicated laundry room, add a stackable washer and dryer combo so the rest of the space is up for grabs to create a half bath.

2.  Hallway

Got an untraveled end of a hallway that doesn’t seem to get much use? Change all that with a bathroom in that space, which often contains as much as 30 to 40 square feet. Hopefully, it has a window!

3.  Closets Back-to-Back

When opened, adjoining closets can measure up to 4’x4’, enough for a small bathroom.

4.  Existing Bath

You will need a minimum of 5’x6’ for a standard toilet, sink, and tub. If your existing bathroom is quite large, you can split it in two with the relocation of select fixtures.

5.  Under a Staircase

You may not think a sink and toilet could fit well under the stairs, but they can. Just be mindful of the headroom before converting this tight space.

6.  Walk-in-Closet

A half bath can very easily be added to an oversized linen or walk-in bedroom closet, with not many structural changes.

7.  Bedroom

Consider adding a bathroom to a large master bedroom, which would allow you to reclaim a three-foot area from one side. You can install a shower stall at one end, a toilet at the other and a sink at the opposite of the partition door.

Contact AD Construction

As you can see, there are many inventive ways to reclaim space in your home to create an extra bathroom. To get a free quote from our Boston bathroom remodelers, contact us at 877-345-BUILD.

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