Why is Early Spring a Great Time to Add a Deck to Your Home?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more space to entertain, grill, relax, and unwind? Now you can with a brand new deck for your Boston home. And early spring is the ideal time to tackle this project. Not only can contractors work faster and more efficiently in warmer weather, it will be done just in time for you to enjoy it this summer.

Here are some top reasons why early spring is an ideal time to build a new deck.

Easier to Schedule an Appointment

Demand for contractor services picks up in early to mid spring, so don’t miss the boat by waiting till summer to call them. It’s wise to schedule an appointment now so you can get on the books and not have to wait in line behind other later-comers. You may even be able to get a deal by booking early.

Lower Risk of Wood Movement

Because early spring isn’t too humid yet, lumber dries faster and more evenly. Rainy and humid weather conditions (common in late spring and summer) can pose a problem for Boston deck contractors due to the fact that the lumber swells if it starts to absorb too much moisture. Plus, it takes longer to dry pressure-treated wood, which takes a few months under normal conditions. 

Easier to Stain Wooden Decks

High humidity also paves the way for a slower staining process. Excessive moisture levels in the air make it more difficult for pressure-treated wood to be able to absorb the stain, which means it doesn’t last as long or offer as much protection.

Earlier Enjoyment

You want to be able to start enjoying your new deck as soon as possible, right? Book now to get the deck done by late spring so you can start using it to your advantage!

Contact AD Construction

As you can see, spring is the perfect time to add a new deck to your Boston area home. From a financial standpoint to an enjoyment standpoint, you can’t ignore the benefits of adding a deck this spring. Get on our books when you contact us at 877-345-BUILD today. We would be happy to schedule your free deck quote and consultation.

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