Why Spring is the Best Season For Renovating

You may know you need a renovation, but you may ask yourself when the best time to tackle such a project would be. If you have had a home improvement project on hold for a while, it’s time to finally pull the trigger this spring. From warm weather to more hours of daylight, let’s take a look at why spring is the best season for renovating. Call your Boston contractor now to get started!

Good Weather = Efficiency

Mild weather is the top reason to choose spring for your remodeling project. Consistently bad weather tends to damage or delay external renovations, while the warmer temps that come with spring tend to equal fewer delays. Concrete, paint, and plaster all dry faster in warm weather, as well.

Longer Days

Spring brings longer days and more hours of daylight, which makes it easier for your contractors to finish the job quicker over fewer days. In winter, contractors have to clock off by 4; in spring, they can work till 6 if they have to.

Lower Prices

By getting a head start on purchasing materials in the spring, you can take advantage of lower prices. If you wait till summer, prices go up with demand so you’ll be paying more for the same products.

Finish Before Cold Weather

Some extensive projects take a long time, especially with material delays. Total home remodels can take up to six months, so starting early means you will be done before the cold weather of fall and winter can hamper your project.

Priority Scheduling

Reputable contractors find themselves getting booked up very quickly as they head into summer. Get ahead of the crowds by booking your contractor now when they have fewer scheduling constraints. Bonus: by completing your home improvement project in spring, you can free up your summer to enjoy that new pool or deck, or go on vacation.

Increase Home Value

If you are thinking of selling soon, spring is the best time to do this. Increase the value of your home by squeezing in a well-timed small home renovation, which can result in a higher ROI from buyers willing to pay more for a brand new addition.

Contact AD Construction

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