5 Tips for Planning a Sunroom

Sunroom Addition

A sunroom is a beautiful addition to any home, bringing natural light and incredible views to the homeowner. Maybe it’s been your dream to add a sunroom for years now. Perhaps you have a porch there already but want to enclose it and upgrade it to a gorgeous solarium. Whatever the case, it’s important to do your homework and carefully prepare beforehand.

Check out these helpful tips before you get started.

1.    Come Up With a Budget

Beginning any home improvement project starts with a well-thought-out and detailed budget. This will tell you how much money you can realistically spend on your sunroom, and should break out the general costs for each, such as roofing, window installation and wiring. Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact costs involved. Come up with a ballpark and your Boston contractor can do the rest.

Be sure to outline any special features or customizations you want, though, as that will raise the price.

2.    Find a Reliable Contractor

Next, look for a reliable local contractor with the experience and knowledge of constructing sunrooms in your city. They will know the most about local permits, availability of materials and the types of homes in your neighborhood, and are in the best position to ensure your sunroom project is a success.  

Narrow down your selection to three, and call each. Ask for references, estimates and experience before making a decision. Make sure the contractor you choose has specific expertise in building sunrooms.

3.    Plan the Position

This is something your contractor and designer can help you with, but be conscious of where you will want to build your sunroom. These rooms should be planned with the direction of the sun and local weather conditions in mind. Usually, it’s best to build a sunroom facing the southeast for optimal sun exposure. This will help you keep energy costs down, while reducing heating and AC costs.

4.    Get the Right Permits

Sunrooms have to be built in accordance with local building codes, which means the proper permits must be pulled — usually a building and an electrical permit. Your contractor will be able to take care of this for you.

5.    Choose a Design

Here’s the fun part. This is when you can start laying out the design for your new sunroom. Bring some ideas to the table, perhaps some rough sketches. Your contractor will keep those in mind while offering his or her own suggestions. Do you want a three or four season sunroom? What primary purpose will it be used for? What colors and themes do you like? How many people will be using it? What kind of sunroom do you want? (There are many types, such as conservatories and solariums.) Will you use it mostly for relaxing in the warm months, or for entertaining throughout the whole year?

The answers you give to these questions will ensure your sunroom will turn out exactly as you planned!

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