Why You Should Consider Skylights

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Been thinking about skylight installation, but wondering who you should call to make it happen or even if your roof can support the added stress in the first place? First off, it’s important to only hire skilled Boston home improvement contractors like AD Construction who have experience in skylight installation.

Your contractor can visit your home, inspect the roof and let you know if a skylight installation project is recommended. If so, an estimate will be provided and work scheduled.

Skylights: The Many Benefits

Many homeowners choose to install a skylight to increase the natural light for their home and give the illusion of a larger space. Perfect for living rooms and great rooms, they are also ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. 

1.    More Natural Light

One of the top benefits of skylights is the addition of natural light. With just one skylight giving your home five-times more light than a standard window, you can rest easy knowing this natural light source will enhance your living space exponentially. Plus, you don’t have to rely so much on artificial lighting which is expensive, especially in the winter with the reduced daylight. So, consider a skylight if your home has been feeling cramped, dark and drab lately.

2.    Extra Ventilation

Whether you go with a manual or remote-controlled vented skylight, there’s little doubt that skylights have yet another big benefit: more ventilation for better indoor air quality. Simply open up the skylight and get a fresh burst of fresh air whenever you want. Extra ventilation is perfect for kitchens if you cook a lot so steam and exhaust can escape, and bathrooms where showers produce a lot of steam.

3.    Better Energy Savings

More natural light means you don’t have to switch on the main overhead lights or heat during transitional seasons such as spring and fall. With a skylight installed in your roof, the sun streams through and heats up your home naturally. When you don’t have to use your HVAC system as much, your energy bills will be lower.   

4.    Higher Resale Value

When pondering the sale of your home in the near future, the addition of a skylight is sure to be a main selling point and attraction to potential buyers. Your property will increase in value and you’ll get positive reactions from buyers who embrace such a unique architectural feature.

5.    Excellent Health Benefits

Natural light improves mood and makes us feel more productive. All that extra natural light coupled with fresh ventilation can even increase your vitamin B and D levels, give your immune system a boost, and improve your quality of life – a bonus if you tend to get Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the winter.

6.    Added Privacy

If you think you would lose privacy with skylights, think again. In fact, they’re much better at preserving privacy than standard windows, which are located at eye level and introduce more of a chance of someone seeing inside. But you have complete confidence installing a roof skylight even in the most intimate and private areas of your home, such as the bedroom and bathroom.

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