Remodeling on a Budget: Affordable Home Improvements to Consider

You may want to make some improvements to your home, but you may be working with a limited budget. We hear you. It can get pretty pricey to renovate your house without draining your wallet. The first step is to hire a Boston contractor who will work with you and your budget and be honest about costs.

Here’s how to save cash on your next home improvement in the South End.


You can work wonders in updating your home with a simple coat of paint. This small project can add big impact to your interior walls, and it won’t break the bank (unless you’re doing the whole house of course!). If you can’t afford to make major updates to a space, consider updating the paint and see how far that takes you.

Appliances and Light Fixtures

Another budget-friendly way to infuse new life into your home is to update some or all of your appliances and lights. Not only will you get a visual and functional improvement, you’ll also enjoy money savings on energy efficient upgrades.


If you’re tight on built-in storage space, consider the addition of custom shelves or cabinets to boost your usable space. Take advantage of your vertical wall space and install tiered carts, leaning ladders, and apothecary cabinets, for instance.  

Flooring Updates

If your flooring is dated, you may want to replace it; however, as you know, this can get expensive – especially with natural hardwood. Instead try more affordable flooring options such as rubber tiles, carpet, vinyl flooring, or even decorative rugs.

Paint Your Cabinets

Gutting your whole kitchen and adding brand new cabinets can get quite costly. If your cabinets are still in great shape but they just look dated, you can simply paint them. Just take the doors off the hinges, add a couple of coats of paint and new hardware, put them back on, and voila – an affordable update to your kitchen!  

How to Set a Budget

Even if you make affordable and smart choices for your remodel, it can still be tough to stick to a budget. Here are some tips:

  • Set – and stick to — a realistic budget.
  • Estimate all the costs that your project will incur, including labor, permits, materials, etc. your Boston contractor should be able to outline all these costs on the estimate they provide you.
  • Consider handling small projects, such as painting or adding new hardware to cabinets to save money.
  • Don’t forget to budget for unexpected expenses; they can and will crop up.
  • Use salvaged materials where possible.
  • Use materials that are locally available.
  • Set up a temporary kitchen space while your real kitchen is being renovated. This will cut down on spending  money on fast food. Use a microwave and hot plate, or fire up your outdoor grill if your renovation takes place in warm months.

Contact AD Construction

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