Creative Loft Conversion Ideas

From home offices and in law apartments to college dorm spaces and play rooms, there are many ways you can make creative uses out of a loft in your home. Whether above a garage or as part of an attic, loft conversions in Boston are getting more and more popular as homeowners are deciding to stay put and make the best use out of their existing space.

Home Office

With more people working from home lately, a home office may be a necessity in your household. Converting an attic or garage loft into a home office can be a wise choice, as it’s far away from the noise of the rest of the house and gives you that separate-yet-connected-feel you crave as a modern employee in a post-pandemic world.

Consider adding skylights and floor to ceiling windows to maximize the use of natural light so you don’t feel closed off from the rest of the house. Choose blinds in soothing neutral shades that allow for light infiltration yet reduce glare when closed.

Dorm Room

Is your college kid spending more time at home for virtual learning? Give them the independence they need while still giving them access to the important main areas of the home, i.e., the kitchen and laundry room! Set them up with a complete study space, their own bathroom and perhaps a small kitchenette so they can make snacks for those late-night cram sessions.  

Dressing Room

Crave more closet space and walk-in dressing rooms to house your latest fashions? A half attic loft conversion is the ideal space for that. Make a clever use of your space with built-in storage racks, cubbies and drawers that accommodate your in-season and off-season clothing, shoes, accessories, hand bags and more. Natural light will be important here, as well as plenty of mirrors.

In-Law Apartment

Asking your in-laws to move in with you may have been a tough decision, but if you make them their very own loft, you will get peace of mind knowing they have their own separate space yet can be included in the family when desired. You can even make modifications to accommodate any mobility issues, such as plentiful lighting, grab bars and non-skid area rugs.

Home Library or Study

Are your books overrunning your bedroom or living room? Designate a separate space in your loft for a home library or study. Outfit it with comfy beanbags and plush chairs perfect for relaxing with a good book on a quiet afternoon.

Game Room

If you’re tired of the kids taking over your main living room with their loud video games and TV shows, make them their own private space in the loft. Out of sight, out of mind, so you can concentrate on working from home, making dinner or watching your own TV show in peace.

So, what would you like to do with YOUR loft conversion?

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