Home Design

Since 1986 A D Construction has design, built, remodel, and restore many outstanding buildings that reflect a unique design vision & craft. Under their direction and in cooperation with local architects, the company strives to create clear design solutions individual to each project and to each client. The company is composed with many experienced, talented, and creative professionals capable of meeting all the demands of a project from building, remodeling and repairing.

The creative staff of A D Construction is capable in designing 3-Dimensional plans which give the opportunity to clients to see the project completed ahead of time and make adjustments according to their ideas. A D Construction has completed a wide variety of projects involving new construction, renovation, restoration, and reconstitution of existing structures. The work of the company includes private residences, bathroom remodeling, office buildings, cultural institutions, galleries, additions and exhibition spaces, restaurants, public facilities and housing.

The use of these tools follows the project until it’s completion. Ranging from rough studies to precise computer models and drawings are used to develop and gain an understanding of the nature of a project and its evolution, and to communicate it directly to the client.

Our interests result in a meticulous attention to detail. The way things are put together and the materials they are made from combine to produce buildings that communicate the care taken to achieve the project. By designing and building each and every aspect of the building, from general organization to the nuts & bolts, of green building and through careful oversight during construction, we produce high-quality projects at every scale.

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