What to Consider With a Loft Conversion

Need extra living space in your house but don’t want to add on with new construction? If you have a garage, you might want to consider a loft conversion. A smart, stylish way to extend your living area space, loft conversions in Cambridge give you more square footage without having to add a costly addition or move to a bigger house.

Now you can maximize your unused attic space to add to the comfort and enjoyment of your property.Here are some considerations to keep in mind when planning a loft conversion in Boston.


Know the intended use of the loft space

Whether you plan to convert the space into a home gym or office, or are looking to create an extra bedroom with ensuite bathroom, know the intended usage beforehand. This will allow you to determine both the design and layout to most efficiently utilize the most space possible, especially in regards to where the electrical and plumbing work will be located.

Make sure the space is suitable for conversion

Determine if you have enough space in your loft before planning anything. Think about the type of roof you have and whether or not it has trusses. There should be enough head height in the attic so it can become a realistic living area.

Check if you need a permit

Many cities consider loft conversions to be “permitted developments.” This means you don’t need to secure permission from city hall in order to do it. However, there could be exceptions to be aware of, such as when your home is located in a conservation area or historic district. Rest assured, your contractor in Boston will tell you what your community’s permit requirements are.

Check building regulations

Your project should meet any and all required building regulations, particularly pertaining to the installation of a permanent staircase needed to join an office, bedroom, or bathroom. If you are limited in space, a spiral staircase or fixed ladder may be the solution. Add adequate high-quality insulation for optimal comfort during winter and summer.

Also, building materials should be in compliance with fire regulations by featuring a fire escape window or exit, not to mention smoke detectors throughout the home and loft.

Include a contingency budget

Build in some wiggle room to your budget so you’re not surprised later with extras and fees, as well as delays. There is always the chance something will come up at an added expense, so be prepared well beforehand.

Go beyond the first quote

Obtain at least three quotes from a Boston contractor specializing in loft conversions. Once you have those, compare each of them for reputation, terms of services, timeline, and price. Don’t assume the lowest price is the best, as there are several other factors that should be taken into consideration, such as licensing, rapport and availability.

Contact AD Construction

If you are looking to book a loft conversion in Boston this spring or summer, call AD Construction at 877-345-BUILD. Our loft conversion contractors in Milton can provide you with a free quote and consult to get started.

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