Ductless Mini Split HVAC Systems Save You Money

When you hire an HVAC contractor in Boston to install a ductless mini split system as part of a home improvement, you can enjoy money savings through rebates and increased energy efficiency. If your heating and cooling needs are not being met, consider a mini split to slash your electric bills and improve comfort at the same time.

Here at AD Construction, we install all types of mini split systems. In fact, right now, homeowners can get up to $10K in state rebates when installing such a system! We work with many brands, but especially Mitsubishi. This is a trusted top-of-the-line system that comes with a heat pump. These systems are extremely efficient and will save you cash.

For example, a condo homeowner can cut their electric bill in half or even more. Keep in mind, an average condo bill with electric heat in Boston is more than $500.

What Are Mini Splits?

First let’s define what mini split systems are. Mini-splits are basically heating and cooling systems that allow homeowners to control the temperatures in individual rooms. They have two main parts: an outdoor compressor (or condenser) and an indoor air-handling unit (or evaporator).

The biggest advantage of mini-splits are their flexibility and small size, which allows them to cool individual zones and rooms. Each zone has its own thermostat, so you can focus on conditioning one room or space as you see fit. Because you don’t have to condition the whole home, you save money on energy.

They are also easier to install than other types of AC systems. And because mini-splits don’t have ducts, you don’t have to hassle with the energy losses associated with the complex ductwork of central AC systems. According to Energy.gov, duct losses account for more than 30 percent of energy consumption when it comes to air conditioning.

Ideal Locations for Mini Splits

Following are areas where homeowners commonly place mini splits:

  1. Garages. Because it’s illegal to install ductwork in garages due to various safety issues, ductless systems allows you to control the temperature in this space all year long. This is great if you use your garage as a workshop, man cave or other area that you use year-round.
  2. Master Bedrooms. Because these are typically the furthest rooms from your central heating and cooling system, they don’t enjoy the proper levels of heating or cooling. Rather than making upgrades to the entire home’s ductwork or replacing the existing system, many homeowners prefer to use a mini split.
  3. Finished Basements. Mini splits keep the air cool or warm depending on the season, which is great if you use your basement all year long as party central, a game room or music room.
  4. Attics and Guest Rooms. Mini splits can fill in the gaps by getting conditioned air to these out-of-the-way spaces as needed.

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