The Benefits of Bedroom Skylights

The addition of a skylight or two in your bedroom can make all the difference in adding more natural light and opening up the space. Skylight installations not only add more of an airy feel to your bedroom, they add value to your entire home. Here are some ways you can incorporate skylights into your bedroom. Partner with a Boston contractor who specializes in skylight installation to make this dream come true.

Types of Skylights

There are many benefits of installing a skylight in your bedroom, no matter which kind of roof you have (flat, pitched, metal, etc.). The two main types of skylights include fixed skylights and operable skylights. Fixed skylights can’t be opened and closed, while operable skylights can. You may be able to apply for a tax credit if you install a solar venting skylight.

If your bedroom has high ceilings, you may be best off with fixed skylights, as you may value more light than ventilation in a large room with plenty of other windows. In a smaller, more traditional bedroom, you may want an operable skylight that can add ventilation and light. To emphasize privacy or sleep support, you may want to incorporate motorized shades or blinds.

How to Use Skylights 

Here’s what adding a skylight or two can help you achieve in your Boston bedroom.

  1. Highlight ceiling height and customized lighting: Skylights tend to draw the eye and act as spotlights for these types of features. Having two skylights can make your room seem more spacious.
  2. Emphasize certain pieces of furniture: Use the extra natural light to draw attention to artwork, a colorful accent piece, or an heirloom dresser.
  3. Cultivate hanging plants: Your plants will get the sunlight they need to thrive, and you can replicate the beauty of the outdoors within a controlled environment.
  4. Divide the space: Hanging tapestries can divide the space while creating a sense of luxury. Skylight installation puts the spotlight on all your beloved art pieces and decorative textiles.
  5. Highlight shelving and displays: From unique timepieces to classic book collection, skylights highlight these important exhibits, collectibles, and mementos that hold personal value.
  6. Emphasize greater size: Using multiple skylights in the master bedroom helps bring out the features that distinguish it from all the other bedrooms in the home. Use these windows to accentuate the abundance of natural light, while spotlighting a piece of art, fireplace, or other architectural highlight.
  7. Mitigate heat or moisture buildup: Use a ventilated skylight to give moisture an exit after a shower in the adjoining bathroom.
  8. Starry views: A skylight right over your bed gives you a perfect view of the stars as you fall gently to sleep.

From tranquility and wellness to architectural highlights and an airy feel, there are many reasons why you should incorporate skylights into your bedroom – and anywhere else in the house for that matter.

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