What to Ask When Hiring a General Contractor in Boston

Whether you’re building a brand new home or you’re adding to an existing one, there are many complex decisions to make throughout the process. The first and most important one is which general contractor in Boston to hire for the job. The company you choose can make or break the success of your project.

To ensure you partner with the best contractor, here are some critical questions to ask.

Are You Licensed?

Licensing is important, especially in this industry. Don’t be afraid to request a copy of their license. Then, follow up with the issuing authority in order to ensure it is current and that it is in good standing.

What Types of Insurance Do You Carry? 

There are many types of insurance your contractor can carry. First, they should have general liability insurance, which is designed to protect your home and property if an accident were to occur, such as if the workers hit a water line and your house was flooded. In that event, they would cover the cost of the damage.

Your Boston general contractor should also have workers’ compensation insurance, which is designed to protect you from liability if someone were to get injured on your property while working.

How Many Building Permits Have You Pulled in My Area Recently?

To ensure your general contractor is familiar with the local permitting process and building code requirements in your community, ask how many building permits they have pulled in your area in the last two years. This will give you an idea of their experience and credibility, as you don’t want to hire a contractor who’s new to town and not familiar with local regulations affecting your project.

Can I Have a List of References?

Ask for references and then call each one to ask about the process, as well as how satisfied they were with the final product. Go over budgeting, timeliness, and level of professionalism, as well as the rapport they had with the contractor. Would they hire that contractor again?

What’s the Timeline For This Project?

To get a clear picture of when the contractor will start and end the project, ask what the projected timeline will be. Understand that delays do come up that are out of their control. But getting an overall timeline is perfectly reasonable. See if there are any circumstances that would push back the completion date. Find out how many other projects the contractor is working on at the same time.

Do You Hire Sub-Contractors?

Most general contractors do hire sub-contractors to round out their team, especially in brand new construction. They have to sub-contract some of the work out to painters, plumbers, electricians, and other specialists. Find out who they are and verify their credentials.

Who Will Supervise My Project?

Many general contractors and company owners don’t do a lot of the actual work. But they should be overseeing the project and have their hand in every aspect and stage. Find out when they will come by the worksite to check in and ensure an on-track project. If they can’t check in every day, is there an on-site project manager you can contact with questions or concerns daily?

All of the above questions are important to ask any general contractor in Boston you are considering. There are many others as well, from written warranties to payment schedules, but the above questions are a good start.

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