Is it Time for Whole-House Remodeling?

If you bought your house decades ago and it’s sorely in need of a makeover, there’s no better time than now to get it done. Whole house remodeling is just what it sounds like: remodeling your whole house! From the bathroom and kitchen to the basement and living room, tackling an entire home renovation is an exciting yet terrifying journey at the same time.

To make sure your project goes smoothly, you need to hire a licensed general contractor skilled in home improvements such as these. Because there are so many moving parts, materials, timelines and jobs to be completed with each room, you need someone who can coordinate the logistics of such an undertaking. After all, a gut renovation is time-consuming and costly – especially when you’re talking about a historic renovation!

But all that aside, whole home remodeling is a wise investment, and can often save you money than if you were to buy a whole new house. Plus, you will get the satisfaction of knowing your hands were involved with the whole project, from picking out designs to finalizing layouts.

Tips to Guide You Through

When you call us about a complete renovation, we will help you understand the basics and prepare for the remodeling project.

The first step is to sit down with a general contractor. Make sure you choose wisely, because this person will become your best friend over the course of your remodeling project. They will guide you through all stages of the whole-house remodeling process, from getting permits, ordering supplies and hiring sub-contractors to work with codes officials and maintaining project deadlines.

When you remodel a whole house in the Boston area, there are several things you have to think about. If you have a home that was built prior to 1978, there could be some lead concerns. Older Boston homes often contain materials that considered unsafe by today’s standards, such as lead paint and asbestos ceiling tiles. Your experienced general contractor will help you understand the things that need to be done to keep everyone safe.

Your contractor will supervise all the people that need to be involved in such a complex process, such as:

  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • HVAC professionals
  • Electricians
  • Flooring installers
  • Interior designers
  • Kitchen and bath experts
  • Painters
  • Landscapers

One important consideration is whether your home will be “live-able” during the project. You may have to work out housing options for at least part of the full home restoration. At various stages of the project, you could find yourself without a kitchen or bathroom facilities for days or weeks at a time, so you may want to look into a short-term rental.

Knowing what to expect as part of whole-house remodeling is critical. That’s why choosing the right contractor in the first place is so important.

Contact AD Construction in Boston, MA

Are you considering a major full home renovation or a whole-house remodeling project this summer? AD Construction, a Boston General contractor,  can help. We have vast experience in completing whole home remodels, making sure that every element accurately reflects you, your family and your lifestyle. Call us today to learn more!

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