5 Things to Consider When Renovating a Condo

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Hint: the first step is to hire a trustworthy renovation contractor

Renovating a stand-alone house is not the same as renovating a condo unit – not by a long shot. There are a few more steps involved that you can’t miss, as each renovation of a condominium has its own limitations, possibilities and strategies, all of which must be considered before beginning a project and even before purchasing a unit. To avoid any surprises along the way, check out these five things to consider before you dive into your condo renovation project.

1.    Choose a Condominium Renovation Contractor

Condo renovations are a whole different animal. A contractor who only works on home renovations won’t necessarily have the qualifications and know-how that comes with a condo renovation. That’s where your research comes in. When vetting different contractors, make sure you specify upfront that this is for a condominium remodel. Make sure they have the experience and are willing to take on the project.

Condo remodeling, just like apartment remodeling, can be a logistical challenge for the contractor, as they have to locate suitable parking, book the elevator and loading zones, etc. These restrictions mean it’s a little tougher to work in the building.

2.    Talk to the Property or Building Manager

There are many rules and policies that come with a condo, let alone a complete renovation of the space. You’ll need to speak to the building or property manager before doing any work so you can get guidance on the rules, first and foremost, but also on the little details like materials approved for use when renovating a condo.

3.    Know the Limitations

Don’t forget to take into account the limitations that may come with a condo renovation. Condos are usually on the smaller side, and those tight spaces are typically designed with intrusive columns and odd-angled walls. You’ll have to find out which walls can be removed and which ones must stay. These are all questions for your contractor. He or she will want to do a walk through with you beforehand to get an idea of those limitations before moving forward.

4.    Expect Delays

Every project comes with delays. Sometimes the materials needed are late to be delivered; other times, the contractor has other commitments to attend to in between your project and others. Sometimes the weather gets in the way, or the city inspector can’t get there quickly.  The important thing to remember is that there will always be delays. Don’t expect the project to adhere exactly to the timeline. Add in a little buffer room to accommodate delays.

5.    Budget

Create and stick to a budget when planning a condominium remodel, but just like delays, there will be unexpected expenses you will have to plan for. Pad your budget a little bit to account for those surprises. A good contractor will always run changes by you beforehand so you can stay in the loop.

Even though there are many considerations to take into account when renovating a condo, the foundation of your project starts with a good condominium renovation contractor you can rely on. When you choose one you have a good rapport with and that you can trust, everything else will fall into place.

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