Cost vs. Value: Deck Additions

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If you’re considering putting on a deck addition to your home, your mind may first go to the kind of return on investment (ROI) you can get when tackling this type of project. Cost vs. value can be quite different depending on which kind of home improvement project you’re thinking about.

As you will see in the below Remodeling’s cost vs. value 2020 chart, a composite deck addition in the Boston area will cost you $24,274, with a resale value of $15,735 and a recouped cost of 65%. A wood deck addition in Boston will cost you $18k, with a resale value of $12,484 and recouped cost of 70%. The national average for both is higher than Boston or New England.

The recouped cost of a deck is right in the middle. An upscale bathroom addition, surprisingly, has a recouped cost of not even 50%. A master suite addition clocks in even lower, at 47%. Generally, improvements that increase curb appeal and functionality boast the highest ROI. Check out garage door replacement, for instance, which has a recouped cost of 106%.

cost vs value, building deck additions boston, ma

cost vs value, building deck additions Boston, MA

Cost Of Deck Additions Boston, MA

The cost of building a deck is outweighed by the value it can add to your home, ensuring a deck addition of any material becomes a worthwhile and valuable home improvement project, according to House Logic.

Why’s a Deck Such a Good Investment?

First off, it increases your living area, all at a minimal cost per square foot. The National Association of Home Builders points out that the cost for a wood deck, as an example, is less than $35 per square foot.

Secondly, a new deck also increases your enjoyment of your yard and the outdoors – certainly an intrinsic value that you can’t slap a price tag on.

Third, if you’re planning on selling in the future, potential buyers like to see decks on homes they are considering buying. That’s because they can easily picture themselves enjoying that deck, grilling, relaxing and entertaining. Most buyers would even pay a bit more for a home featuring a gorgeous deck, especially if it’s composite.

Yes, wood is a traditional choice for decking in Boston, but vinyl decks are getting more popular for their low maintenance requirements and durability. You don’t have to regularly seal or stain vinyl like you do with wood. However, vinyl can mimic the inherent beauty of natural wood.

You have a choice of texture and style, too, such as flat or uniform hues, or mottled and marbled looks that can resemble natural stone materials like granite. Overall, you enjoy greater flexibility with a wide range of beautiful designs.

No matter which material you choose for your deck, you can enhance your property’s value, appearance, comfort and convenience with a new deck. Partnering with a trusted general contractor in Boston is key.

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