Benefits of a Rooftop Deck

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From amazing views to privacy, there are many benefits to creating a rooftop deck for your Boston home. These are becoming more and more popular for congested areas that don’t have the horizontal space to create a traditional deck off the side of the home. In cities like Boston, making use of vertical space is key.

Hire a rooftop deck contractor in Boston and surrounding areas to install these beautiful, functional, and versatile spaces. Here are some of the top benefits of rooftop decks.

  • Rooftop decks offer amazing 360-degree views
  • Rooftop decks offer fire-resistance and high-quality thermal performance
  • Rooftop decks create a slope for better drainage
  • Rooftop decks add additional living space
  • Rooftop decks are ideal for entertaining
  • Rooftop decks provide a great space for gardening and growing vegetables
  • Rooftop decks offer a level of privacy that traditional decks cannot

What to Consider With Roof Decks

Before you install a rooftop deck, there are some things to keep in mind, from material to weather. Here are some things to consider before beginning this type of project.

  • Deck Material: Rooftop decks are often made from wood but this natural material is more expensive than others. Your deck will need a waterproof membrane to provide additional protection against rain and moisture. Consider a composite material for easy maintenance and cleaning. You could also think about tiles but these tend to be very heavy. Your roof would have to be inspected to ensure if it could handle the additional weight of tiles. That said, tiles are simpler to clean than wood and can be made from porcelain or granite. Sandstone is another material that many homeowners like for its easy maintenance.
  • Weather: Weather in New England is harsh, especially during the winter. The type of deck and material you choose should be able to withstand the elements throughout all seasons. Exposure to harsh weather can prematurely damage the material you choose if you don’t care for it well. Ponding water is the biggest problem associated with flat roofing and decks. As such, you’ll have to install precautions that prevent leaks and pooling. Your roof must also be able to support that extra water weight, and you will have to take steps to protect your rooftop deck from UV rays as well as thermal expansions and contractions that are common for this climate.
  • Permits: Before you start building, check with your local building department to see what permits you need to pull. Your Boston contractor will usually take care of this. You should also have a roofer or engineer determine that your existing roof has enough strength to support the added weight of a deck. Generally, roofs should support 55 pounds for every square foot of roof.

No doubt, having a rooftop deck is a great addition to any home and represents a worthwhile investment.

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