How to stop leaky Roofs -Fix, repair roof

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Keep in mind most leaks are very hard to locate because water can travel alone the rafters from one side to another. In other words the actual leak can be on the east side of the roof and the drip or leak on the west side. Follow these four simple steps. Who knows may be you’ll get lucky.

Step 1:
Try to find the exact location of the leak. This is best done by looking up from inside the attic when it’s raining. If you are fortunate to see the leak, shove an ice pick up or a point divise through so it may be seen from the roof side later on. The sealant you will apply will seal this hole so don’t worry about making a hole in your roof. It’s more important to find where the leak is. Another way to find the leak is to run a garden sprinkler on the roof and try to get it to leak. The leak always stops when the rain stops then it is impossible to find it. Once you locate the leak, mark the location by shoving the ice pick up through the roof or drive a long nail so it can be seen later when you get up on the roof. A product called Tri Polymer Sealant can be applied in the rain but this is not advisable due to safety concerns of slipping off the roof. It can also be applied in freezing conditions. Once you have the leak located and marked it is best to wait for good weather before getting on the roof.

Step 2:
Using a sturdy ladder you or a friend will need to get up on the roof and locate the ice pick or nail. Mark the location and go back down to remove the ice pick or nail. Go back up on the roof and spread the Tri Polymer Sealant around the area. It is clear and about the consistency of honey so it will run down into your nail hole and the hole that has been leaking. Since the sealant is clear it can be used on any color of roof without looking offensive like tar might.

Step 3:
Even though the Altho Tri Polymer Sealant is indeed waterproof, it’s best if you wait a day or two before testing the leak again with the garden sprinkler.

Step 4:
If you cannot accomplish this procedure yourself, hopefully you can find a handyman and explain to him/her how to do it. Or you can hire us and ask us to give you more tips. The key to the fix is the Tri Polymer Sealant. I have fixed many roof leaks with this method.

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