How to clean your hardwood floors without harming your pets

Make your hardwood floors shine again

Many people are under the impression wax or oil cleaners can do wonders to their hard wood floors. I disagree. Wax and oil based cleaners create build up, and that means more scratches will appear on the surface. After a while, the floors look dull and there you go waxing and oiling again. Most of those cleaners contain chemicals that may harm not only you but your children and pets as well.

I will bet anything, you already have the best hardwood floor cleaner, and the best hardwood floor preservative right in your kitchen. It is right under your nose. It is called white vinegar. That is right, good old VINEGAR. No, I do not want you to make a salad. I want you to try cleaning your floors with it.

Vinegar does not cost nearly as much as any of the cleaners out there. In addition it is safe and will not be harmful to your children or pets. To clean your floors, you will need to mix a solution and follow the steps described below:

  • Mix two parts of room temperature water with one part of vinegar.
  • Take a cotton cloth and dip it in the solution.
  • Squeeze excess solution (the cloth should be damp NOT socked).
  • Wrap the cloth around a swifter or similar map and start mopping your floor parallel to the grain of the wood.

To some the odor of vinegar may be a little strong try opening a window or two for ventilation. Wear cloves if you have cuts and nicks on your hands. Mop floors once a week.

Your floors will always look like new. If your floors have a lot of wax build up, it may require more washes before you start seeing them being restored to their original clean and shine look.

You don’t have to mop your hardwood floors every day. Once a week should be enough.
With this old fashion remedy, you can save a few bucks and most importantly your children and pets health.

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