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We have a single mission: As hard-working contractors, we are driven to achieve the best possible results for your project, staying focused on your dreams and your needs, as well as concentrating on results you can enjoy for years to come. This is our commitment to you

About Us – Boston’s Premier General Contractor

At A D Construction, we understand how important trust is in a contractor-client relationship. We approach construction as teamwork between client, architect, designer, consultant and contractor. We work hard at the details of the building budgets, schedules and estimates, as well as managing our clients’ risks. Our team of builders and project managers is comprised of people who have the experience to execute both large- and small-scale projects, while providing careful professional services to our clients. We’re passionate about architecture and thrive on the challenge of turning design ideas into the places where people live and work.

As a family-owned construction company, A D CONSTRUCTION LLC, has been building custom residential and commercial projects in Boston Massachusetts since 1988. We are passionate about our work and above all, love the challenge of building complex custom homes, restoring historic buildings, or fulfilling our clients’ dreams. Founder Alex Tsalagas is a member of the International Pioneers Association and has received many awards. His building ideas, creations and visions, in partnership with all clients, have been realized in hundreds of buildings throughout Massachusetts. They established the character and integrity of A D CONSTRUCTION LLC instilling it with value for architectural projects, community support and responsible business practices.

Our Secret to Success

The two greatest resources we bring to projects are the extensive network of professional relationships we’ve developed over the years, and our staff. Our experience gives us the knowledge to supervise the finest local craftsmen and supply the best quality materials, enabling us to build each project to the standards required by very selective clients and designers. A contract with A D Construction Service carries with it the assurance that our commitment to our work continues long after we hand over the key.

A collaborative process, with strong communication between client, architect and contractor, is key to achieving our highest goal-client satisfaction. Our process often begins with a preconstruction phase and preliminary estimate, providing a first look at construction costs and challenges. The next phase involves a thorough discussion of budget and design considerations and the development of the project. We provide alternatives and recommendations as it progresses in order to keep the job on track, and to anticipate and solve problems before they happen. We are focused on remaining Boston’s premier general contractor and the #1 choice for homeowners. Conveniently located in the South End of Boston, MA.


Three things have been our trademarks since the beginning.
The first is delivering well-researched considered estimates for all our work. If you’re looking for a contractor on whom you can rely for a realistic view of what it will take to build a project, we’re the ones to call.

Our second trademark is our insistence on attention to detail and craftsmanship throughout our projects. We have built our reputation by achieving the highest quality workmanship.

Our third trademark is that, in addition to understanding architecture, we understand the design development and construction processes, and how to adapt every step of our service to meet the client’s needs.

We are comprised of Professionals, Licensed Craftsmen such as Builders, Remodelers, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Roofers, Landscapers, HVAC Technicians, Certified Painters, Certified Installers, and many more. We are ready to take on any project even under short notice.

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General Contractor Boston, MA

Building and restoring homes in the Boston Metro area for over 30 years; South End, Back Bay, Cambridge, Dorchester, Brighton, Newton, Brookline, Wellesly and surrounding area.