Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions

How many of us need more space in our homes? How many of us are even willing to settle for just an extra room addition in order to make our home more functional and comfortable? Your family grows but your home doesn’t. Chances are you may be living in a larger house than what you think it is.

You look for that extra space in the closet, you are rearranging furniture, you even paint the walls with light colors. Some of us, we are so constrained we’ll even decorate our walls with mirrors just to make our house appear larger than what it is. A week later, it’s just the same space. This is going over and over, you’ve tried everything, even building a deck you are fed up and you want to move.

Loft Ideas

Don’t Move, Improve

The main objective is to find a space in your home and convert it to a living space. You can convert your loft or to a living space, especially if it’s a large enough area with sufficient head room, and it is easily accessed.

By finishing a basement, or by converting a loft to a living space, If the job is done correctly, you can increase your home equity value up to 60%. Let us show you how. Schedule for you free in home estimate with one of our loft conversion specialists today. contact us.

Loft Designs – Layout

Full Loft/Attic

Utilizing a loft space can be a convenient way to increase the living area of your home, particularly when a high-pitched roof offers enough room without the addition of dormers. If your house meets the code requirements in your city in square foot area and accessibility, then the loft can become an attractive starting place of new living space.

Half Loft/Attic

If your house doesn’t meet the basic height requirements, square footage, and access needed by code, a half loft renovation may be an ideal way to convert non used space to living area. This always ideal because this space is already under a roof and protected from elements, the construction of a new room can be accomplished easily and economically.

Loft Home office /computer room

A neat organized work atmosphere produces a feeling of tranquil and control. Even, if you work just a few hours a week at home. It’s a great conversion idea to have a separate, well equipped space in which to work. Also, remember that your space should be an pleasant place to work. Research which colors and creative space ideas.

Loft Professional Home Office

No one can foresee exactly how a professional home office will change your lifestyle, but it certainly will. Some of the basics of this project require structural modifications. Before you start keep in mind that you are going to be spending a lot of time in this space. Make it comfortable and efficient. Remember your goal should be to create an office that has the look and feel of a space designed be professionals. -especially for you.

In Law Apartment

Many families require more of living space for older family members. Converting a loft to a living space, especially if your house has only one floor -ideal for older people to climb the stairs can be a great answer to the problem. This is a major project that requires detailed planning up-front to meet both its current and long term requirements as well as town codes.

Bathroom Addition

That extra bathroom you always wished to have could be built on the loft, right next your home office or in your basement. Just another loft idea.