Green Building

Global Warming – Why Building Green Is So Important

Building green is designing and constructing buildings with the environment in mind. It is practices like these that can have an impact on stopping global warming.

Houses contribute a high percentage carbon dioxide emissions and impact directly to global warming. In the United States alone, the outline is about 38%. One way to assist to the prevention of Global warming, is to reduce the amount of energy use required to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in a house. We can do this in various ways:

For starters, caring about what kind of building materials are being used in your home improvement project. The construction industry in order to reduce emission and gases, started to develop building materials from renewable sources such as bamboo and straw. Home builders, like us who are firm believers in helping the environment, utilize the use of materials that originate at the building site. By doing so, this helps to minimize transportation and therefore cuts down on emissions of greenhouse gases. On site originated materials is not a new invention. It exists for millions of years. Builders will collect all nearby stone, cut it on site and use it as a building material.

For a while now, recycling has become a part of our daily routine for most of us. Today, many recycled materials are being used to new construction homes, and remodeling projects. Wood is being recycled from a torn down building. This prevents tree cut down. Deforestation of any land adds to global warming, cutting down less trees helps the situation.

Another contributor to the Global warming is Heating and cooling a home. Our knowledgeable designers and architects in coordination with the homeowner can present in blueprint a build design with the house built on a side of the lot in a direction where the sunlight will warm the house through the windowsAt the same time this design can be utilized for breezes to blow through and cool down the temperature in your home. This design is very successful when high efficiency windows are installed. In combination with good insulation, you will need less energy to heat or cool your home.

This green building design is called passive solar energy, which can be used to heating and cooling a house and lessened the greenhouse emissions. As a result it has a positive effect to Global warming. Proper insulation is important to maximize on the cool or heat that is in the house.

All of the above in conjunction with newer technologies reduce dramatically emission problematic energy. Heating and cooling in most green houses is distributed by solar panels, wind power, or hydropower. Any of these will power a house with the least impact to the global warming and will maintain a comfort zone to your living style.

Another popular solar building design is known as annualized passive solar. This method captures warm-season solar heat, conveys it to storage and can make heat available six months later, or during the winter. There are many government incentives available and can count down your solar energy installation cost to as much a 50%.

A.D. Construction green building Massachusetts contractors base our green building principles with earth friendly elemiments that create a safe home environment for all your home improvement projects and green building needs.